The Root Cause of Your PMS (It's Not What You Think)

The Root Cause of Your PMS (It's Not What You Think)

You might think that cravings, crying, zits, and swollen boobs are all just part of getting your period.  It’s common, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or normal. Let that soak in for a second because the first step to getting rid of PMS is realizing that it’s possible.

The next step is understanding what’s up with your PMS and what’s happening in your body to cause it. Your PMS is a reflection of your overall health. So, if you’re getting slammed with symptoms throughout your menstrual cycle, it’s a sign that your system is out of whack – that your organs aren’t functioning optimally and/or your habits aren’t supporting a healthy body. 


The Root Causes of PMS:

People often think the cause of their menstrual problems is “hormonal imbalance.” Some have painful conditions like PCOS or Endometriosis and believe their conditions are to blame. But the truth is that hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and Endometriosis are actually symptoms of deeper problems with the liver and digestive system. 

So, what people tend to think is the cause of their symptoms is actually a symptom in and of itself? Yes. Stay with us and you’ll see what we are talking about. 

This article is all about your liver and your gut (digestion) – and why keeping those in check is key to a healthy cycle (and good mental health). If you want to do a deeper dive, we laid out the habits and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your cycle here, and we unpacked the messages that individual PMS symptoms send here

Your Liver: 

Your liver is responsible for metabolizing (using) and eliminating your hormones.  When it is in tip-top shape, it’ll do a great job of metabolizing hormones and you won’t get PMS. We repeat: if your liver is healthy, you won’t have PMS.

When your liver isn’t able to metabolize and eliminate your hormones properly, your systems get kind of bogged down and everything moves more slowly. On the digestion front, things tend to get stuck and you’ll experience bloating (yay!). As for your boobs, this makes for swelling and pain (sometimes A LOT of pain!) because fluids aren’t able to flow freely through your breast tissue. The cherry on top? It also fucks with your emotions, making you feel really emotionally stuck or anxious.

Your Gut / Digestive System :

Breaking down hormones, making blood, and regulating your cycle? They all require energy and that energy depends on our bodies’ ability to take in food, break it down, and convert it into (you guessed it) energy. 

So, if you want a healthy symptom-free cycle, your gut and digestive system need to be functioning well.  If they aren’t, your body’s access to energy will be compromised, your body won’t get the energy it needs to do its thing, and everything else (including your cycle) will suffer.

If you want to get rid of PMS, you need to put in the work:


Now that you know how important your liver and gut are for avoiding PMS, you’re probably wondering how to take care of them and get them healthy. The PMS section of our Healthy Period Handbook contains tips on both – plus some tips tailored to the specific PMS symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Listen to your body, put in the work, and you can say goodbye to PMS for good. We believe in you and think that a symptom-free cycle is not only something you deserve but also something you can achieve. If this is something you’re working on, we’re here for you – feel free to reach out with any Qs you may have along your journey!

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