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Looking for relief from your worst menstrual symptoms or are looking for plant-powered supplements to kick your hormones up to optimal working order? Wherever you fall under these reasons, believe us when we say we give a shit. We want period problems fixed pronto–naturally.

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All of our products are research backed, vegan & cruelty free, GF & allergen Free, made in the USA and no hormones, ever


"Within my first week of using this product, I noticed less hormonal breakouts and much less bloating. Can't wait to see other great results with continued use!

Gabriela R., PMS Support

"...I've tried a lot of things I didn't have high hopes. But there was a huge improvement! My period was two full days shorter and way less painful after one month ! Amazing!"

Karie S., Cramp Support
A Period Blog

The Status of the Uterus

A blog written by people with periods, for people with periods. Whether you are interested in more natural approaches towards menstruation or wondering what is affecting your cycle, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m on birth control?

What if I only have one or two symptoms?

What’s the difference between Cramps Support and PMS Support?

I take OTC painkillers, CBD (or herbal tinctures) to deal with my period pain. Is it okay to add Cramp Support to the mix?

I have a health condition or I’m already taking something that my doctor prescribed. Are Brazen’s supplements safe?

How often and when should I take each formula?

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