Let's End Period Poverty Together
Periods are Awesome

Looking for relief from your common menstrual symptoms or are looking for plant-powered supplements to support optimal levels to keep them in working order? Wherever you fall under these reasons, believe us when we say we give a shit. We want period problems fixed pronto–naturally.*

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"Within my first week of using this product, I noticed much less bloating. Can't wait to see other great results with continued use!*

Gabriela R., PMS Support

"...I've tried a lot of things I didn't have high hopes. But there was a huge improvement! My period was two full days shorter after one month! Amazing!"

Karie S., Cramp Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m on birth control?

What if I only have one or two symptoms?

What’s the difference between Cramps Support and PMS Support?

I take OTC painkillers, CBD (or herbal tinctures) to deal with my period pain. Is it okay to add Cramp Support to the mix?

I have a health condition or I’m already taking something that my doctor prescribed. Are Brazen’s supplements safe?

How often and when should I take each formula?

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