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Brazen supports you at every stage – puberty, period and fertility. Unleash your superhuman with our science backed, plant-powered formulas and expert menstrual advice to attack the root cause of your worst period problems.

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Period Products, Expert Advice & Unconditional Support for All People

Your period isn't a curse–it's a SUPER POWER.

Puberty, periods, and fertility are part of your genetic design.
At Brazen, we are here to help you harness them all.

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whether you are [im]patiently waiting for the big day or teaching young superheroes how to tie their capes, we have everything you need to know about getting your first period or when to expect puberty.

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80% of people with periods struggle with severe period pains & menstrual symptoms. we're here to say fuck that. shop our plant-powered products, learn period insights & more.

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if you are interested in learning about important fertility factors & insights, knowing more about your personal fertility, or just preparing for the future, we provide you with all the answers as well as natural fertility treatment options for a 100% customized approach.

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