That Mysterious Blackish Stringy Stuff in Your Undies

That Mysterious Blackish Stringy Stuff in Your Undies

Do you sometimes find mysterious blackish brownish stringy stuff in your undies around your period?

If so, you’re probably wondering what it is, what it means, and how to make it a thing of your past. 

Our founder, Kirsten, has you covered with this 2-minute video. (If videos are not your thing, you can scroll down for the transcript.) 



Kirsten’s explanation, typed out for your reading pleasure:


Sometimes, before your period starts (or during your period), you might notice that there's some stringy brown, nasty-looking, blackish stuff that's coming out of you and you don't know what the hell that is.


It's not too big of a deal. Essentially, it's mucus that has blood in it. It’s not cause for alarm, but it does tell you that you need to pay more attention to your digestion.

Mucus in menstrual blood is often confused with clotting. Here’s how to spot the difference: Mucus looks stringy while clotting looks more piece-y and clumpy. 


When digestion is working really efficiently, there won't be much mucus. A lack of mucus shows that you're able to take the food you're eating, break it down, turn it into energy, extract the nutrients, and make blood – both regular blood and good menstrual blood. 


When your digestive system is not working efficiently,  your body produces mucus as a way to prevent the absorption of things that are not appropriately digested. So, the more mucus that you have in your menstrual blood, the more bloating that you'll have before your period, and the more bowel changes or period poop you’ll experience. 


Here’s one thing you can do to improve your digestion (and by extension your bloating and bowel changes): eat a little bit more simply. In other words, don’t combine so many different types of food at once. 


My digestion is kind of weak and I noticed a big difference when I stopped combining protein and carbohydrates in the same meal. I really don't like meat that much but I need it to feel healthy, and I’ve found I have way less mucus in my menstrual blood when I don’t eat carbohydrates along with the meat.


If you have mucus or digestion-related PMS symptoms (like bloating) you can also try taking the PMS Formula – it has lots of ingredients that help with digestion.

Try modifying your diet and/or taking the PMS formula, and see if you notice any changes. If you can take care of and improve your digestion, you should start to see not only less stringy black stuff before your cycle, but also less mucus in general, fewer allergies, and more energy. It's all a win.

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