Don't Stop The Flow

Don't Stop The Flow

When I saw this piece in the New York Times, my reaction was just 'NONONO.'

Ladies, if your period/PMS is so severe that you are experiencing blackouts and migraines, can't get out of bed, and have to miss school or work SOMETHING IS WRONG. These are not normal symptoms of a healthy menstruating woman, they indicate some kind of endocrine disruption that needs your attention! Stopping your period may improve your quality of life for the moment, but it is not going to solve the problem. 

Now listen, it's your body and your choice, and I'm not saying that I wouldn't choose period suppression if I was an astronaut going into space, but I think it's pretty dangerous to promote the idea that eradicating your period all together is a good way to deal with these severe symptoms. NONONO. We need to address the underlying issues and correct them — not only to support your good health and happy life now, but down the road, too. Ignoring the signals your body is giving you through your cycle could land you with really severe fertility problems or other inflammatory diseases later on in life. 

It think this hit so close to home because that's what Brazen is all about: we believe that every woman deserves a healthy period and we've worked hard to develop products to get you a better period, naturally. I don't want women to suffer through their periods every month, and I don't want them to have to deal with the lasting effects of suppressing them.

I want women everywhere to be empowered, educated, and supported in taking good care of their bodies, and I know that ignoring your body and shutting it down is not the way forward.

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