Tired of Hormonal Acne On Your Period? Try These All Natural Food Cures.

Tired of Hormonal Acne On Your Period? Try These All Natural Food Cures.

Let’s face it. Acne has never been our friend - not in our teens, not on our way to adulthood, and definitely not at the same time as our periods. Like we’ve talked about before, though, acne can be caused by hormonal imbalances. Changing your diet, even a little, can have huge effects on the symptoms you’re experiencing, which is why we’ve compiled a list of a few foods to help zap away your hormonal acne accompanying your period.


Fish is known for being rich in omega-3’s, which help to reduce inflammation (aka, reduce acne). While many have plentiful Vitamin A and D, fish oil and cod liver oil tend to have even higher levels, which further help to reduce the puffiness that can be occurring.

If you’re not a fan of fish, there are plenty of other foods rich in omega-3’s like walnuts that can be used as an anti-inflammatory alternative.


Like fish, flaxseeds and flax oil contain a lot of omega-3, which helps to soothe the inflamed areas. Flaxseeds also may have the capability of reducing stress, which is an added bonus in the case of PMS and associated symptoms. (Love bonuses, am I right?) Properties found in flaxseed can also promote ovulation, making your cycle more natural and balanced, which seems ideal to us.

Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants, green tea has been commonly used to reduce blemishes, as well as their resulting scars. Starting from within the body, green tea can even out blood sugar levels, stabilizing skin and decreasing the risk of acne. Drinking tea helps reduce the prevalence of acne, but applying green tea topically also can even out your skin, reducing redness and preventing inflammation.

While green tea is great for reducing acne before and after it’s already there, it also has a ton of health benefits ranging from improving brain function and killing bacteria that leaves you prone to infection.


This common citrus fruit is known for two acne-helping vitamins, A and C. Vitamin A, as we’ve gone over, is a huge deal for reducing acne and inflammation, while Vitamin C strengthens the immune system overall.

A raw orange can give you the full benefits from both vitamins - preventing acne in the first place and helping to heal it when it does pop up. Stay away from sweetened juices though, the extra sugar only fuels inflammation, and acne.


Probiotics, bacteria that are beneficial for your health, help stabilize the bacteria in the body by introducing more of the good kind in hopes of outnumbering the less than helpful variety. While the bacteria isn’t directly in your skin, the accumulation of bad varieties in your gut can easily affect your skin and body as a whole. Also, probiotics help us absorb the acne-fighting nutrients we consume within the foods listed above, helping our body to accept the good and overpower the more negative things within it.


Carrots, typically known for helping eyesight, actually have a huge effect on reducing acne and hormonal imbalances in general. First of all, they help to stabilize estrogen levels, keeping hormones stable and regulated. Along with that, carrots help to rid your body of toxins and bad bacteria.

High in beta-carotene that eventually gets converted into Vitamin A, carrots are full of beneficial nutrients for reducing acne and for stabilizing hormones within our bodies to make sure acne doesn’t pop up again. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Whatever you may be hungry for, there are plenty of options when it comes to foods that can help stabilize hormonal imbalances and lessen the acne that shows up at different points in your cycle.

Will we miss it? Definitely not.

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