Conceivable Score and Report
Conceivable Score and Report
Conceivable Score and Report
Conceivable Score and Report

Conceivable Score and Report

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Get your Conceivable Score + Report today!

 Based on 3000 years of traditional Chinese medicine, 20 years of clinical experience, 10,000 patients and peer reviewed science to back it up, the Conceivable Report is a tool you can use to understand the underlying factors that are impacting your ability to get and stay pregnant.

Once we know this issues, Conceivable creates a highly customized plan to help you improve the underlying issues, and significantly improve your likelihood of both getting and staying pregnant.

In our pilot, we were able to increase the likelihood of natural concpetion by 150-260% in less than 4 months.

Good news. You aren't fertile or infertile. You're somewhere in between.

In order to assess your overall fertility potential, we assess more than 75 fertility factors shown in the research to impact time to conception.

We look at:

Period characteristics
Other symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, anxiety.
Basal body temperatures.
Your habits.
Your work.
Your environment.
Your stress level.
Diet... and more.


Once we identify the exact issues, and determine how they are related, we can create a totally personalized program to begin to improve all of them which can have a powerful impact on your fertility potential.

The best thing about the Conceivable program is that the "side effects" are things like better energy, sleep, less stress, significantly reduced PMS and cramping, more regular cycles, better skin, improved mood, and generally better overall health.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Conceivable's  modern approach to better fertility!


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United States United States

Successfully pregnant on month 3

I joined your conceivable program, purchased the Chinese herbs, and got successfully pregnant on month 3 of the program!I appreciate your help. I wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant without your expertise and advice!

United States United States

I took your advice from my score... WERE PREGNANT! I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow!!

I took your advice from my score… and we started our first IVF cycle in January… and guess what!!! WERE PREGNANT! I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow!! I feel so blessed to have gotten this far and appreciate all of your knowledge. Thanks again!!

United States United States

Honestly made me question my RE's fertility practice!!!

The conceivable report is truly such an incredible value. The amount of info in this is so worth it and honestly made me question my RE's fertility practice. They haven't once asked some of these questions, and I'm on my 3rd IUI right now. Thank you!!

Diana R.
United States United States

Showed me so much about the root cause of my infertility

The conceivable score shared so much about the root cause of my infertility. Not only did it make me more aware of my symptoms but it helped me to realize just how much is affecting my fertility. It helped me to narrow down what to address and even helped me to remove many of my supplements and foods that were affecting me. It is a great way to start healing and ready my body for my rainbow.

Mary G.
United States United States

I learned more from my report about my fertility than from any dr visit in my whole life

Kirsten, I just cannot thank you enough for developing this. I have been so worried about getting pregnant and had run out out hope cuz my doc kept saying just keep trying, but i just new something else was in the way. Now i can see exactly what are the things taht I need to work on (and btw most of them were complete surprises) AND you made it so easy to understand And not over whelming. Thank you thank you!! MG

United States United States

I had no hope and now Im 8 weeks pregnant!!!!

I have great news! After taking your supplements and using your plan for only a month, I am 8 weeks pregnant and all is well so far! I was skeptical as many likely are. I am a nurse practitioner and after 4 miscarriages, what seemed like hundreds of tests, zero answers and I had no hope. I am thankful to have found you and taken the leap. The risk was not big and the reward is beyond miraculous! Thank you again Kirsten!

A Brazen Health Customer
Jessica H.
United States United States

Conceivable Score and Report

Such an amazing program. I really feel like she helped me see what was wrong and how to fix it. I can not wait to see how much I can improve my overall health with her help.

United States United States

Lots of valuable information

Getting my conceivable score was incredibly easy and I was surprised to see how much valuable information Kristen provided. The suggestions were incredibly helpful and getting a personalized video made it so much easier to digest the information. Absolutely worth it, highly recommend!

Switzerland Switzerland

Very insightful

I really liked the insights and understood a lot about what’s happening every cycle. I wish I had looked at these factors sooner. Thank you Kirsten!

Desiree L.
United States United States

Improve chances of pregnancy

Kristin is amazing I’m so grateful I found her and I’m about to start my journey on getting and staying pregnant. All the great and helpful information that she has given me I’m blessed for. Thank you Kristin once again and here we go !