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The Conceivable Program

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We Don't Promise to Improve Your Fertility,

We Prove It.

After 20 years and 10,000 patients, we cracked the code to improve your fertility.

Brazen's Conceivable Program is a six-month, highly personalized program designed to identify the underlying causes of your fertility issues and fix them using the most personalized approach on the planet clinically proven to improve your likelihood of natural conception or your money back.*

 Our proven, patented program has been shown to significantly increase natural fertility by over 200% while participating the program for at least 120 days.

 *Guarantee- Our only request is that you work the program for at least a month before you ask for a refund.

If you have any issues, please reach out to us at or click here to send us an email

Brazen's Conceivable® Personalized Fertility Report allows you to take our in depth online quiz that has key fertility & lifestyle questions, which helps us understand where you currently are on the fertility continuum. With our detailed written and video reports, speaking only about your personal results, we give you specific recommendations to improve your score, fertility, and overall health.

Conceivable® Fertility Report - FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 1: Purchase the Conceivable® Fertility Report (make sure to give your email - this is vital for all communication)

Step 2: Receive the email with the Conceivable® Assessment Link

Step 3: Take and Submit the Assessment

Step 4: (After 48 Hours) You will receive an email with a written report and a video report

Conceivable® FAQ

What is the Written Report and what does it include? 

The written report will be a PDF sent to your email after 48 hours of you completing the online assessment. You will receive amazing insights into your personal fertility, overall health & actionable next steps towards increasing your fertility score. This PDF is full of amazing & personalized information just for you.

What is the Video Report and what does it include?

While the written report explains everything really well, Kirsten will send you a video explaining everything in the report to you. Do you ever feel like medical lingo is in one ear and out the other? Kirsten simplifies this in the best way possible so you know exactly what is going on in your body, actionable next steps will be given as well as encouragement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money-back guarantee?

How do I change, manage, or cancel my subscription?

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Are these like vitamins that I have to take everyday?

What if I’m on birth control?

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United States United States

I’m pregnant after 14 months of trying and not ever getting a positive!!!

I didn’t schedule my monthly video meeting with you this month because I found out I’m pregnant! After 14 months of trying and not ever getting a positive, to using your supplements, tracking my BBT and adjusting my lifestyle with your suggestions to month 1 getting pregnant with a chemical pregnancy and month 2 getting successfully pregnant! I am currently almost 8 weeks. I have had my serial hcg drawn which all doubled and were high and reassuring. My first ultrasound at 5 weeks 4 days showed a gestational sac and a yolk sac. I go back for another ultrasound on 3/4 at 9 weeks to determine if the baby is growing healthily. I am thankful to you and your program for helping me conceive at 36 (newly 37) after many unsuccessful attempts on my own. Thank you!

Diana R.
United States United States

The guidance and answers have been truly invaluable.

The Conceivable Program is helping me on my journey to health and becoming a mom. Desperate, I have sought out every answer there could be and tried every solution I thought would work. Fertility clinics, quick fixes, YouTube and TikTok videos you name it! Everything I thought I had learned about healing my infertility turned out to be wrong and was actually hurting my fertility. After 3 years of infertility I am not realizing my body’s needs and working to heal the root cause of my infertility. The support I have received thus far from this program along with the guidance and answers have been invaluable. I truly don’t know where I would be without these answers. I am hopeful that this method will bring me my rainbow baby and allow me to be finally become a mom after all these years.

United States United States

I was completely surprised...

Kirsten, I just started my period and was completely surprised...I had zero PMDD symptoms...I never thought I would even be able to get pregnant because my PMDD was so bad. Now I have hope. I cannot thank you enough. This is the first time in 30 years that I haven't wanted to destroy my life or myself before my period.

United States United States

Holy crap

I think this month was the first month I ever ovulated on my own in my whole life... thank you so much!

United States United States

This program is worth every penny!

“Although I haven’t been working with Kirsten for long, she has changed my perspective on fertility and renewed my sense of hope in regards to becoming pregnant. The Conceivable Program is incredibly thorough, which, combined with Kirsten’s compassion and the wealth of information she brings that is both eye opening and understandable, makes this program worth every penny! The changes she has suggested I make have begun to make a noticeable difference (in only the first month!!) and I am so grateful I joined. Thanks Kirsten!!”

A Brazen Health Customer
Canada Canada

Conceivable will look at every factor affecting your fertility

I found Kirsten three years into my journey. I'm 41, had 2 miscarriages, was reading everything I could to learn more about my cycle and my body so that I could conceive naturally. And Kirsten was literally the only person I could find who talked about high follicular phase temperatures — what I was struggling with — and what that meant for reduced fertility. Since working with Kirsten and the Conceivable program (4 months now), my periods have drastically improved: almost zero PMS symptoms, my cycles have become more regular in length, I incorporate mediation, tapping and breathing into my life to deal with stress, and all the markers of fertility are increasing for me, little by little. Together we are still working on those high follicular temperatures, but with every meeting I come away with more calm that I'm moving in the right direction. If you feel like you have tried everything to get closer to your bfp, please consider the Conceivable program. I cannot say enough great things about Kirsten's knowledge and experience, she is a brilliant resource and will really get into the details about YOU — but what stands out for me the most is this: Kirsten is just such a compassionate and generous person who truly wants to see you shine. She is so incredibly dedicated to women. In my last meeting with Kirsten, she brought me to tears. She made me realize that this journey trying to conceive isn't just about medicine and health protocols (while of course so important!), but there's emotional healing too. Kirsten, thank you so much for the most important reminder, and for everything that you do :D

United States United States


Well, I was waiting until cycle day five to send my update… but cycle day five never came. BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT!!! The biggest change I saw was that I went from a cycle that was all over the place, to a fairly normal cycle. It used to be that some months my cycle was only 14 days long, sometimes 45 days long. Brown spotting randomly throughout my cycle. My periods usually ranged from 7-12 days of brown clotty bleeding. Doing your program for just a couple months and my cycle definitely regulated. My recent cycles averaged out around 26 days, with only five days of bright red clot-free bleeding! ☺️ I know it’s not perfect, but that’s such an improvement for me! I’ll continue to do all the things to nourish this pregnancy and hopefully grow a healthy baby for the next 9 months!

Jennifer B.
Canada Canada

She looked at things no one else did.

Kirsten is wonderful, she's a straight shooter which i love!! My cycle has already started changing for the better, and it was just a few simple changes that she told me to do. I have seen many doctors and they all have said " everything looks good" when really why did I have two miscarriages? Kirsten is very resourceful and kind. worth every penny!!

United States United States

Helped me become pregnant naturally

Here's my story: I was 39 when I began working with Kirsten and Brazen. I came to her having attempted 2 egg preservation cycles earlier this year. Both were cancelled due to poor ovarian response and a maximum retrieval of up to 2 eggs per cycle! See doctors hope for 13-20 eggs ideally and with only up to 2, it just didn't make sense to go down that route. I ate the cost of about $6k and had no eggs preserved. To boot, my partner and I weren't ready to actively try to get pregnant or bank any embryos. Faced with loss, my sole mission became clear: I wanted to take charge of what I could and shift my focus to myself. I would optimize my own health and improve my fertility. In my mind, that would allow us the best chances of success if or when we were ready to TTC. When I began my work with Kirsten and Brazen in June, I started with short cycles and high follicular phase temperatures. Also, I had hormonal acne and low energy/exhaustion that was discovered through tongue readings. My labs corresponded with these data: I had low AMH, slightly high FSH and sub-clinical, but not optimal TSH. I was bloated and also had periods with scanty amounts of blood. After 6 mos of tracking my temperatures, adjusting my diet and supplements, taking Brazen Acne, and incorporating meditation and breathing into my life, things started to change! My cycles lengthened to 27 days long, my follicular phase temps lowered, my acne cleared up, my TSH went down into the optimal range, I lost 3-4 lbs, I had more blood during my periods, and I was no longer bloated. My own clients commented on my skin and said I was glowing :) Just this November, my partner and I travelled to a warm, tropical place to celebrate my 40th birthday. And we really enjoyed ourselves. So much so we came back pregnant!! We were both aware of my cycle characteristics to try and not get pregnant actually and had just spoken about thinking to try or bank embryos sometime in my 40th year. But we didn't need to go there; we became pregnant naturally and at the outer limits of the fertility window :) Without a doubt in my mind, I arrived here in large part because I became informed about my cycle, adjusted my diet, incorporated relaxation techniques into my life, and checked in with someone so knowledgeable about fertility. I thank Kirsten and Brazen for helping me experience improvements, which allowed us to fall pregnant naturally just as I turned 40.

Brazen Health The Conceivable Program Review

Brazen Health

It has been my absolute delight to have the privilege to work with you. I am so incredibly happy for you! xoxoxo Kirsten

Mari G.
United States United States

So grateful for Kirsten & Conceivables.

I am so grateful to have Kirsten! I’m an acupuncturist myself but when it comes to the minutia of my own fertility and reproductive concerns, I didn’t have a specialty in this field so I reached out to Kirsten and started conceivable program. I listened to her lifestyle and food advice as well as the herbal recommendations After one month on her program I was ovulating on day 14 (as opposed to 17,18 etc). My awful headaches around my period are now gone and I have more energy. My BBT charts are starting to get where they need to be and I am actually looking forward to feeling better as I continue on my fertility journey! Thank you so much!


Brazen Health

Oh Mari, it is really such a pleasure to work with you. I can't believe how much progress you have made in such a short time!!