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PMS Support

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A menstrual cycle without anxiety, depression, acne, sore boobs, fatigue, cravings, and/or bloating? What is this magic?

Our PMS Support Formula has helped thousands of people with periods to have better cycles, and we are betting this will help you too!

Struggling with PMDD? We know that shit sucks...

Click here to read about how Brazen's PMS Support Formula helps!

Blended by Master Herbalists, our PMS Support formula combines 15 herbs to address the underlying causes of your worst PMS symptoms by reducing inflammation, improving blood sugar regulation, regulating your hormones and stabilizing all your emotions.

Targeted Symptoms

  • Anxiety, depression, irritability moodiness

  • Bloating, bloating, fatigue, cravings

  • Breast tenderness

  • Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Poor concentration

  • Stress, tension

  • Headaches

  • Backaches, muscle aches

  • Hormone-related acne


  • Guaranteed 10% off regular pricing!
  • Less Waste, Less Packaging, Environmentally Friendly

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Our supplements are great in helping your worst period symptoms within the first month of taking them, however for best results, we suggest taking our formulas consecutively for 3 months (90 days)! We have great savings when you sign up for our automatic subscriptions - either the 1-month or 3-month supply! 

At Brazen, we are all about using the best ingredients to create the best supplements on the market to date. We are also focused on making sure that we are environmentally friendly. By 2022, we plan to have 100% compostable packaging! Join us in being environmentally friendly and sign up for less packaging TODAY with our 3-month supplement subscriptions.

Curious on how to use our amazing, all-natural, plant-powered supplements for a better period? Look no further!

PMS Support

  • Take 2 pills twice a day the 2 weeks before your period.

Cramp Support

  • Take 2 pills twice a day the week before and during your period. (14 days)

Acne Support

  • Take 2 pills daily.

We recommend taking our supplements during the recommended time frames for a full 3 menstrual cycles (90 days) for the best results possible! If you do not see results within 90 days, we promise you give you a full refund - 100% happiness guaranteed :)

For the best way to make sure you take your Brazen Supplements for the full 90 days is to subscribe! We have 1-month and 3-month subscription options available with MAJOR perks :)


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  • FREE SHIPPING with 3 Month Subscription Purchase (every order)!


Our goal is to make sure that all of our customers are 100% with our products. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the product you purchased from our store, we will give you a full refund. Contact us at for return information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money-back guarantee?

How do I change, manage, or cancel my subscription?

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Are these like vitamins that I have to take everyday?

What if I’m on birth control?

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Rebekka B.
United States
Less irritability + more regularity

I've been using PMS support for several months now. The first thing I noticed was some reduction in my irritability premenstrally. Another unexpected benefit in taking the supplements is I've experienced a reduction in my constipation. I'm now regular which also makes me feel like my gut is in better health. While PMS support has not eliminated all of my PMS symptoms, I'm committed to taking them even if soley for the constipation support. Thank you Braven!

A Brazen Health Customer
Kaylyn B.
United States United States
Finally something that works

My cramps are manageable now! I use to be debilitated. And I’ve tried everything under the sun. And have even went to naturopaths. But this stuff works!

Brazen Health PMS Support Review
Sydney S.
United States United States
Love Brazen

I have Endometriosis and PMS starting two weeks before my period and I am scheduled to get surgery next year. Nothing helped my pain, but when I tried both the PMS and Cramp Brazen I felt tons better. Now I only experience one day of the month with some pain and feel fine all the others. This was a huge change from three straight weeks of pain each month and made my period basically feel normal. Would 100% recommend to others.

Madeleine S.
United States United States
Amazing! Way way less PMS in the first month!

My consultation with Kirsten was AMAZING! I have very light and brown periods that only last a couple days. She recommended the PMS support and a natural iron supplement. Only one month in and the biggest change I have noticed is the reduction in my mood swings! Two days before my period I would have terrible dread and sadness, and last month it was very very mild. Can't wait to continue taking and yield more results!!

Marita B.
United States United States
Periods improved more than I’d imagine

Both the cramp and pms support have helped my periods tremendously. I find that even when I forget to start taking them exactly when I’m supposed to, they still are beneficial when I do finally remember. Let’s face it, we all have a lot of stuff to remember and do, so I am happy that if I miss a dose or two, or start them a couple days late, they still really help me. I’ve had way less cramps than before and for that I am grateful.

Christina R.
United States United States
Feels like its working

I do feel a slight difference in my monthly issues taking these products. I would be happier if they looked different so I could tell them apart and the taste leaves a bit to be desired. Will reorder to get past the 3 month starting point. Fingers crossed.

Brazen Health PMS Support Review
Hannah H.
United States United States
Saved my relationship!!

Please check out my video for my experience

Dara Z.
United States United States
So far so good

It seems to have helped do away with my PMDD symptoms (along with acupuncture treatment). Relieved to have found a natural product!

Gabriela R.
United States United States
Highly Recommend!

Within my first week of using this product, I noticed less hormonal breakouts and much less bloating. Can't wait to see other great results with continued use!

United States United States
The real deal- Life-changing for me

I check all of the premenstrual symptoms listed with this. My acupuncturist recommended this and I was a bit skeptical. Decided to try it because of my one-week-before-period bloating that caus(ed) me to only wear stretchy clothes or my “fat pants”/“period pants”. No more!! This worked on me the first month I tried it. My bloating was gone. I had no cramps. I was not exhausted like usual. Life-changing for me.