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whether you are [im]patiently waiting for the big day or teaching young superheroes how to tie their capes, we have everything you need to know about getting your first period or when to expect puberty.

Celebration for people who just got their period or are going through puberty

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Expert puberty advice, from The Period Expert herself!

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Becoming Superhuman

This five-part virtual class was specifically designed to help parents and young future menstruators talk about and prepare for puberty & the first periods with levity and humor.

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You're a Superhero

When it comes to your period, your child's puberty or just interested in sharing cool facts to your friends, Brazen has all the tools & information you need to tackle your newfound super power – all in the form of quick videos and vlogs!


"I was terrified to get my period. Terrified. Kirsten just made is all so easy to understand and make a plan. Now I feel like I could be a black belt in periods!"

Marge; Tiktok User

"I was sweating having 'the talk' with my daughter. So nervous. She gave me the tools to be able to start a new relationship with my daughter so we talk about anything."

Illona, Mom