Becoming Superhuman: A Prep Class for First Periods - Brazen
Becoming Superhuman: A Prep Class for First Periods - Brazen
Becoming Superhuman: A Prep Class for First Periods - Brazen

Becoming Superhuman: A Prep Class for First Periods

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This five-part virtual class was specifically designed to help parents and young future menstruators talk about and prepare for first periods with levity and humor.

The biggest questions I get asked everyday are:

"How can I talk to my mom/dad about my period?"


"How can I talk to my daughter/menstruator to be about their periods."

No one is talking about this, yet it seems that everyone wants to (and needs to). The problem is that both parents and young menstruators are all too weirded out to start the discussion.

The first real step to destigmatizing periods and puberty is cultivating the ability to openly and comfortably talk about our bodies, the changes that happen around puberty and periods.

This class will help you:

1. Start the conversation about periods without it being weird.

2. Help your young menstruator feel comfortable talking with you about what she/they are experiencing around their changing bodies, and approaching first periods.

3. Learn about what to expect, what a normal/healthy menstrual cycle should look like, and when they need to ask for help. (menstrual pain is the #1 reason girls miss school and is often overlooked as a reason for academic underperformance.

4. Make a plan to get ready for that amazing day.

5. Help your young menstruator plan a way to make their first period feel like a celebration/ a rite of passage to be remembered so we can send them off into their reproductive journey with pride and dignity (instead of shame and stigma).


No worries, I promise you will be delighted with the experience and the way it opens up your relationship with your young menstruator to be-- or your money back!

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