Tweeting Your Period Can End Period Stigma, One Messy Detail at a Time

Tweeting Your Period Can End Period Stigma, One Messy Detail at a Time

One tried and true way people have been working to destigmatize periods is the idea of tweeting about them. No filter. No embarrassment. Just acceptance of what’s going on in our bodies. It’s hard to not be excited about people embracing their periods, especially when the people talking about them are hilarious (I mean, good luck reading some of these and not cracking up.)

In honor of these rockstars taking over the internet with small glimpses into the world of periods, we want to share a few of our favorite tweets on the hashtags that have been created by women to make periods something we don’t fear talking about. Because, seriously, these women are talking about everything and we love it. 

It is what it is. Yes, my body did that. Yes, I’m pretty ok with it. 

Sometimes, your period (and your body) is going to be downright weird. We love the way, though, that Twitter is making a place where people can really own whatever their body is up to. Even the weird and awkward stories need to be shared, because with each awkward moment, another woman is feeling a little less awkward about her own. We’ve all been there; it just takes a few stories to make us understand that (and feel so much less discomfort with our own periods).

These tweets, found on #LiveTweetYourPeriod#TweetYourPeriod, and other hashtags across the social media site, are finally giving voices to the part of a woman’s life that is so often ignored. Talking about periods and shedding light (finally!) on so much of what accompanies them is making everyone a little less confused and a whole lot more open - which sure sounds like a good change to us. 

When digging through the posts of so many menstruating women, there were almost too many hilarious food craving or unexplained rage related Tweets to choose from. As we’ve said before, these symptoms definitely don’t have to be there (and shouldn’t - thanks a lot, hormonal imbalances, for messing with us on SO many levels). While they’re a consistent part of your cycle, though, you might as well Tweet about them for what they are - a pain in the butt.

Sharing little moments like these, even when they aren’t super big deals, are what allow the people reading to connect and really understand. There’s a reason that people on Twitter, writers, and women across the world are responding. It’s that these 140 character posts give women something they can relate to.

By sharing your own period stories, you’re giving women their own chance to relate to you and share a story of their own, creating a cycle of talking about the taboo topic of periods until it’s not taboo anymore.

While helping to get rid of the stigma on periods by talking about what has always been seen as ‘awkward’ or ‘gross’, Tweeting about your period is reminding women that, though we may not talk about it often, we’ve all been there, providing comfort in a community of understanding.

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