Period Products 101: Our Favorite Alternatives to Traditional Pads and Tampons

Period Products 101: Our Favorite Alternatives to Traditional Pads and Tampons

While pads and tampons tend to be the standard for women and girls who are menstruating, some women are shifting from the typical period products to the newer alternatives that have been made specifically to be reusable or more healthy (if not both). Every woman is different in her preferences and in what she wants for her body, which is why we’re here today to give you a look into a few more options that we hope can help you feel far more confident on your period, especially if pads and tampons just aren’t cutting it right now.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups, which tend to be reusable, are flexible cups usually made of medical grade silicone that bend to your body to hold period blood instead of absorbing it. With a pull tab at the bottom, the cup can easily be emptied and then reused once full. The obvious benefits of switching to a menstrual cup are that it’s cheaper and healthier, while some may stray away from it due to the fact that seeing the small cup of their blood can make them a bit squeamish.

The most popular brand of menstrual cups is DivaCup, although many other companies exist to create the same type of comfortable and safe alternative. (Not to mention, these are available in drugstores just like the standard products, so YES. Alternatives definitely can be accessible.)

Period Panties

Made popular mostly by Thinx, period panties have become a rising trend in the world of period products, with many companies creating similar items. These pairs of underwear are made with extra sheets of moisture-absorbing fabric and fabrics to prevent any leakage, used to make periods seem almost nonexistent. With different varieties, they’re available in styles for any stage of your period, ranging in absorption so they can help during your lightest and heaviest days.

With light fabrics and many different styles of the underwear, period panties have become increasingly common as women have realized the power of the period panty in creating a newer, less bothersome period.

Cloth Pads

Cloth pads have been developed to provide a reusable alternative to the typical pads, all while costing less in the long run. With the same function and general design as the drugstore versions, the cloth alternatives have risen in popularity due to their smaller impact on the environment, personal finances, and your body.

While they do need to be washed like any reusable period product, many women are still learning towards these alternatives because of all the benefits, despite their initial discomfort with the idea of dealing with their blood.

As the problem of periods being monthly annoyances become more and more talked about, alternatives to the standard pad and tampon continue to pop up, making women’s health, finances, and environmental impact much more sustainable.

At Brazen, we’re huge fans of sustainability, especially when it comes to dealing with your period so it doesn’t have to feel like such a terrible thing. If you’re considering your options, we definitely can’t help but hope you find one that makes you feel confident even during your period.

Tell us more about your experience with alternatives in the comments!

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