Meet Jasmine – Living, Bleeding Proof that Problem-free Periods Are Possible

Meet Jasmine.  Jasmine has been getting her period for more than 25 years now. If you were to ask her (we did), she’d say her period problems weren’t so bad compared to some of her friends’ horror stories. Her period was irregular, she was tipped off that it was coming via breast tenderness, lower back pain, light spotting and sometimes cramps. Once her period was flowing, she mainly just had cramps and back pain – but Advil and a heating pad did the trick. She felt lucky that her period problems weren’t worse.


Then she tried Brazen and, in her words, it felt like a miracle. We’ll let her explain:

We know that Jasmine’s not the only one who’s been accepting her period problems as normal and “just dealing with it” for years. We tend to see adapting to pain as a strength. But when it comes to cramps and PMS symptoms, that’s not the case. If you’re suffering, it’s unnecessary. 


Our formulas were designed to stop period problems before they start. These tips will help too. 

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