If You're On Your Period, You Need These 7 GIFs In Your Life RIGHT NOW

If You're On Your Period, You Need These 7 GIFs In Your Life RIGHT NOW

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that GIFs have the potential to make everything feel more relatable - from awkward moments to quotes from your favorite TV show. With period problems and periods in general already being so common, it only makes sense for period GIFs to be our type of thing. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites right here, hoping to bring you some laughter and a few little period-related situations we’re sure you can relate to.

How can anyone not love (or be borderline obsessed with) Jess on her period? Seriously. The writers of New Girl really know what’s going on. From mood swings to cravings to cramps, Jess is the perfect example of all of the PMS and period problems you don’t want to have to deal with...although soft pretzels do sound kind of good, now that I think about it.

Fair enough. Cramps suck. While they shouldn’t have to (hint hint: hormonal imbalances are throwing your body way off whack), sometimes they pop up and catch you off guard. While you may not be dying, we get that it can feel like it on occasion. That’s why we exist, guys. Brazen isn’t about the dying during your period life. You don’t need to be, either.

We can never get too many New Girl period quotes. This GIF is too relevant - from the heat pad to the outfit, but especially what she’s saying. Sometimes it all seems like too much at the wrong time. We feel you, Jess.

Uh, yes! These are some pretty awesome guys (with some pretty awesome color coordination skills) speaking truth about what’s going on with our bodies so often. And yeah, sometimes it does feel like as big of a deal as they’re making it out to be. It’s exhausting. It hurts. At least these guys have got your back, though.

Yes. #preach. With so many euphemisms for your period used all around the world, sometimes you can forget that your period is something normal. Owning what’s going on in your body, and actually being able to say it, makes you the rockstar of empowerment.

It’s almost impossible now (at least for me) to think about tampons without thinking about She’s the Man. With all the super cool new period products coming out now trying to help give us easier bleeding days or safer materials, there’s one big thing connecting them all: “It absorbs right up”. #goals 

From the products you’re using to the symptoms you’re experiencing, the world around you understands. We hope these GIFs give you a laugh, or at least a sense of comfort in knowing even the TV world feels your pain. If all else fails, though, just pop on an episode of New Girl where Jess has her period and try not to laugh at how relatable it is.

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