Better Periods. Period.

Better Periods. Period.

It really kills me. For almost 20 years, I've run one the biggest natural health clinics for women in the US, and everyday women walk through my doors and say, "But, I thought that cramps and PMS, those are things that we just have to deal with, right?" or, "Well, I miss two days of work a month when my period comes because my cramps are so bad, but my doctor says that's just normal." 

It's not. Stop believing that it is. 

While a terrible cycle may be the norm for you, it's not "just normal" and it isn't the sign of a healthy reproductive system. The good news is that all that can change. 

As a whole, women have been sold this "you just have to suffer through your period" line for years, centuries. We've been told that by doctors who don't even know what having a period is like, by our friends and family that meant well, but didn't know any better, we've been told that by bosses, and boyfriends, and even the bible. But it's a bunch of crap and you don't have to buy it. I'm here to tell you that it's time to start a new story about periods.

Periods can change, and they do. A lot. Maybe you've even noticed that your period is better or worse depending on things like sleep, stress, and diet. Our bodies are constantly adapting, changing, and, when we take care of them, improving. Why do we think that we can't change our cycles for the better? 

In our clinical practice, we looked not only at the current medical research, but also at the menstrual cycles of 1000’s of patients. This experience allowed us to analyze the characteristics of crummy cycles and of really optimal ones. We even saw that women with better menstrual cycles were healthier overall.

To me, that's the super-exciting part: that your menstrual cycle is a barometer of your overall health. When all your systems are working well together — digestive, hormonal, circulatory, immune — and systemic inflammation is at healthy low levels, your menstrual cycle will improve, with increasing regularity and fewer uncomfortable symptoms. 

So what does a really healthy cycle look like? An optimal (and achievable!) cycle features:

  • A 28-day, regular cycle
  • Ovulation occurring on cycle day 14 without pain or spotting and with abundant stretchy, clear cervical discharge
  • No PMS symptoms whatsoever—No mood changes, headaches, low back pain, spotting, gas or bloating.
  • Bleeding that lasts four—and only four—days with fresh, red blood
  • No cramping, clotting, cravings, or other annoying symptoms

    You might be thinking — no way, not my period. Like I said before, so many women suffer with menstrual issues like severe cramping, long or short cycles, clotting, and crazy PMS, that it's hard for them to believe that their periods could be any different. But they can be different. 

    Over the last 20 years, we've developed a system that can dramatically improve your menstrual cycle, and lead to lasting change. We've combined thousands of years of herbal tradition, with some of the best modern research to create a line of products that have literally changed thousands of lives. In the past, these custom formulations were only available to our patients, but we couldn't stand knowing that so many women needed our help, and didn't have access to an affordable, natural way to ditch the pain and suffering that came along with their period.

    I started Brazen with a simple mission: Better Periods. Period.

    Brazen's all about periods without pain or shame, empowering women to be their best, every day of the month. Being brazen means "enduring an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with confidence and lack of shame." We don't think your period should ever affect your confidence or your ability to excel, that's why our amazing formulas have been expertly designed to tackle your worst period problems. 

    I encourage you to subscribe to our blog where we'll be taking a deeper look at periods, and how you can have a better one. Also, don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter, and if you like what we're saying, make sure you share it with your friends.

    And above all, don't take your period laying down. Stand up for change, and for healthy periods for women everywhere. 

    Be Brazen,

    Kirsten Karchmer

    Founder, Brazen

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