Report Information

Brazen's Conceivable® Personalized Fertility Report allows you to take our in depth online quiz that has key fertility & lifestyle questions, which helps us understand where you currently are on the fertility continuum. With our detailed written and video reports, speaking only about your personal results, we give you specific recommendations to improve your score, fertility, and overall health.

Conceivable® Fertility Report - FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 1: Purchase the Conceivable® Fertility Report (make sure to give your email - this is vital for all communication)

Step 2: Receive the email with the Conceivable® Assessment Link

Step 3: Take and Submit the Assessment

Step 4: (After 48 Hours) You will receive an email with a written report and a video report

Conceivable® FAQ

What is the Written Report and what does it include? 

The written report will be a PDF sent to your email after 48 hours of you completing the online assessment. You will receive amazing insights into your personal fertility, overall health & actionable next steps towards increasing your fertility score. This PDF is full of amazing & personalized information just for you.

What is the Video Report and what does it include?

While the written report explains everything really well, Kirsten will send you a video explaining everything in the report to you. Do you ever feel like medical lingo is in one ear and out the other? Kirsten simplifies this in the best way possible so you know exactly what is going on in your body, actionable next steps will be given as well as encouragement!