PMS Support Product Detail

How It Works

We started with a formula that was effective for more than 75% of women.
Then we made it better.

When we set out to make PMS history, we wanted to find a natural way to help women tackle their biggest PMS problems. Our master herbalists wanted something safe and time-tested, so we started with one of the most widely prescribed traditional formulas for PMS. The base formula we chose is known for its anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, as well as its ability to address the physical symptoms of PMS like fatigue, insomnia, breast pain, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and tension.

What's Inside — A two week supply of our favorite formula for PMS

  • The Fab Four:  A proprietary blend of Chinese Peony Root, Bupleurum Root, Cyperus Rhizome, and Licorice Root are demonstrated to have anti-depressive effects, and are also know for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain relieving effects.
  • Dong Quai Root: A powerfully anti-inflammatory herb that can decrease contraction in uterine muscles to relieve pain and cramping. Also has similar effects to serotonin to benefit mood.
  • Poria Sclerotium: A super-fungi known for it's ability to improve digestion and address symptoms like bloating, nausea, heartburn, and cravings.
  • Valerian Root: Known for its antispasmodic and relaxing effect on the uterus, it also helps relax tension and irritability.
  • Chinese Skullcap: An anti-inflammatory herb that also is know to decrease pain and anxiety. Additionally, Chinese Skullcap is hepatoprotective and supports detox and healthy liver function.
  • Curcuma: Contains highly anti-inflammatory compound curcumin that helps reduce chronic pain and spasm. 
  • Atractylodes Rhizome: Included to reduce stress, anxiety, and to aid in healthy sleep and recovery.
  • Our Proprietary Digestive Blend: A combination of licorice, honey, and mint helps with PMS symptoms like nausea, bloating, bowel changes, and cravings.
  • Our Proprietary Mental Health Blend: Silk Tree Bark and Polygala Root are traditionally used to improve mood and soothe irritability, mental stress, and restlessness.

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