The Perfect Balance

Our Science Methodology,
& Precision in Formulation

Creating a great formula involves a lot more than just finding the ingredients that have studies showing they impact a particular problem. This is like guessing the amounts of flour and salt in cookie recipes. Great and highly efficacious formulas come from mastering the art of formulation.


→ Address the primary symptoms like PMS and cramping Address the underlying cause of the primary symptoms Balance the ingredients for maximum impact without causing unwanted side effects. This factor is critical because it allows us to use the maximum dosage for big results without risking a negative side effect.

→ Brazen formulas have nearly 10x more active ingredients (and the right ingredients) than other products for PMS and cramping.

→ We have been building these formulas over the last 20 years, testing it in over 10,000 of our patients to finally get the perfect balance.

→ In our pilot, we had 105 women use our products for 4 months. 

→We had women between 18-45 from all over the US testing the formulas. 70% of the participants reported significant improvement in their PMS and cramping symptoms.

→Remember that only 50% of women will respond to conventional treatments.  They reported less heavy bleeding, less clotting, less cramping, improved color (more red than purple or black) 

Our Balanced Blends

Cramp Support

Mental Health Blend

Boosts mental health to ease feelings offatigue, sleeplessness, tension, irritability,and moodiness leading up to your period.

Digestive Health Blend

Supports healthy digestion to addresspremenstrual symptoms like nausea,constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and cravings.

Hormone Health Blend

Assists with hormone metabolism to relieve symptoms like headaches, breast tenderness, mood swings, and acne.

PMS Support

Pain Relief Blend

Targets aches and pains while relaxing your mind, body, and uterus.

Anti-Inflammatory Blend

Anti-Inflammatory BlendFights inflammation and gets rid of painfulcramps and spasms.

Easy Flow Blend

Relaxes your uterus, reduces bleeding, and relieves tension