How To Use

Curious on how to use our amazing, all-natural, plant-powered supplements for a better period? Look no further!*

PMS Support

  • Take 2 pills twice a day the 2 weeks before your period.*

Cramp Support

  • Take 2 pills twice a day the week before and during your period. (14 days)*

Clear Skin Support

  • Take 2 pills daily.*

We recommend taking our supplements during the recommended time frames for a full 3 menstrual cycles (90 days) for the best results possible! If you do not see results within 90 days, we promise you give you a full refund - 100% happiness guaranteed :)

For the best way to make sure you take your Brazen Supplements for the full 90 days is to subscribe! We have 1-month and 3-month subscription options available with MAJOR perks :)