Copy of Ingredients v4

16 Powerful Ingredients derived from Chinese Medicine

Angelica: powerfully fights inflammation & spasm.

Atractylodes: naturally reduces stress.

Bupleurum: premenstrual mood moderator.

Cinnamon: naturally reduces pain and nausea.

Corydalis: traditional relief for menstrual maladies.

Curcuma: fights chronic pain & cramps 
More than 2,764 studies on Curcuma. Learn more. 

Cyperus: antioxidant & free radical scavenging 
More than 585 studies on Cyperus. Learn more.

Fennel: proven relief for menstrual pain & suffering (507 studies+)

Frankincense & Myrrh: traditional combo to beat inflammatory pain 
More than 369 studies on this pair. Learn more.

Ginger: soothes digestive disturbances, aches, and pains 

(2,551+ studies)

Licorice: antioxidant, natural mood manager, and digestion defender 
More than 1,857 studies on Licorice. Learn more.

Motherwort: antispasmodic that reduces tension & irritability 
More than 236 studies on Motherwort. Learn more.

Peony: analgesic, antioxidant, & immunomodulator 
More than 380 studies on Peony. Learn more.

Poria: a super fungi focused on digestive health
More than 445 studies on Poria. Learn more.

Skullcap: supports healthy detox and liver function 
More than 1,524 studies on Skullcap. Learn more.

Valerian: relaxes irritability & supports healthy sleep 
More than 580 studies on Valerian. Learn more.