The Tricky (But Worth It) Best Position to Get Pregnant

The best sex positions to get pregnant are not what you might think.

What’s the best position to conceive? Oh, if only I could help get all of you knocked up with a simple sex position! When you are trying to get pregnant, you will do almost anything to improve your chances even if it means tying yourself up in knots to give yourself the, shot.  

So there really isn’t a “best position”, but I can kinda get behind the theory that any position that gets your partner’s penis right up to your cervix may make it easier for the sperm to get where they need to go. Now, is it possible that this might improve your chances of getting pregnant? Sure. But is this one of the best ways to get pregnant? Would I do this to optimize my chances of getting pregnant? Probably not. I don’t think it would have a huge impact and I hate to see people wasting energy and effort on something that isn’t going to get them what they want.

Here are the best positions that may give you the very best chances of getting pregnant. While it can seem a little boring, the missionary style may be one of the best because lying on your back helps to tilt the pelvis upward slightly which gives the sperm easier access to the cervix.  While you might giggle to say it out loud, doggie style can also help you get more of the boys where they need to go because the angle allows for much deeper penetration. Really, almost any position that feels good to you but doesn’t have you upright (like cowboy, standing, or even sitting) is worth a shot. Gravity will work against you in these positions, so they aren’t the best for conceiving. You can also invent your own best position. Just make sure that you are in a position that you feel super comfortable in and that gets your pelvis a little tilt upward to help the sperm along.

So what else can I be doing in bed to get pregnant?

There are a few other myths and wives tales that warrant a quick mention.  People often ask me if they should tuck a pillow under their tush after sex.  I actually do think this is worth doing. Not because there is any data to support it but mostly because resting after sex is smart and it forces you to just lie there for a few extra minutes soaking up all the goodness from a fun roll in the sack. It's possible that it could also help the sperm along on their journey, so this can be particularly useful if you have a tilted cervical position.

Truly, the most important tip I have for you is to try your best to keep having fun in bed. For couples who are trying to conceive, you may have to get creative so that it doesn’t feel like a stressful chore or assignment. Putting your focus on fixing your period and how you eat, sleep, and manage your stress will give you the freedom to make sex fun again!

So what’s the BEST position for fertility?

The fourth position isn’t a physical position. The real “best position to get pregnant” has absolutely nothing to do with how high you can get your legs in the air. The best position you can get yourself in is to get yourself in the best health ever. That means sleeping 8 hours a night, eating lots of fresh, organic veggies, managing your stress, and having a regular, PMS, cramp and clotting free cycle that occurs every 28 days.

This is why I call this the tricky position.  Doing everything it takes to really optimize your fertility can feel like a full-time job. Plus, it can really be challenging to figure out who or what to believe in terms of best practices. I see so much crazy wrong info on the internet about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. The good news is that I spent the last 20 years figuring this all out for you.  I did all the research and vetted it in my clinical practice with over 7,000 women to figure out what will really help you to stack the deck in terms of your fertility. You can watch our video that shows how our program works by clicking the button below.



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