Quiz: How Fertile is Your Cycle?

Quiz: How Fertile is Your Cycle?

Quiz: How Fertile is Your Cycle?

If you've spent any time on our blog, you know that Conceivable thinks about your fertility in a different way. Because your cycle health is such an important indicator of both your overall health and your fertility, today we wanted to use this opportunity to take a look under the hood.

Your menstrual cycle is part of an incredibly complicated reproductive system that needs to work seamlessly for optimal fertility. If even one element isn’t working, it can impact your ability to get and stay pregnant. But if several elements aren't working, your fertility can really suffer. Don’t believe me? Research shows that certain cycle issues can decrease your chances of conceiving by more than 50%.

There's a big difference between a highly fertile and a less-than-fertile cycle.  Let's take a look. 


How does your cycle measure up? Here's a little quiz for you — answer the following questions about your menstrual cycle to see just how fertile your cycle is.

  1. Do you have a 28 to 32 day cycle?
  2. Do you regularly ovulate on cycle day 14?
  3. Do you have clear, stretchy cervical discharge around cycle day 14?
  4. Are you PMS free?
  5. Are you cramp free either before or after you start bleeding?
  6. Do you have 4 full days of menstrual bleeding in which you soak a tampon or pad in about 4 hours, not more and not less?
  7. Is your menstrual blood free of clotting?
  8. Do you have basal body temperatures after ovulation that average 98.0?
  9. Would you like to be answering yes to all of these questions?

How did you do? How many times did you answer no?

  • 0-1: Congratulations! Your menstrual cycle is just about as healthy and fertile as it can be. Keep up the good work!
  • 2-4: Good news! There are several areas of your menstrual cycle that could use some work
  • 4 or more: Ah ha! Your cycle has some issues that could really be in the way of your ability to get and stay pregnant.  

No matter how you scored, don't worry. All the cycle issues you answered "no" to can be substantially improved in just a couple of months. It just takes a plan, a little time, and some effort. 

Conceivable builds custom plans for women to improve cycle health, and gives them the resources they need to change their chances of getting and staying pregnant. It's what our 90-Day Fertility Challenge is all about. Fix your cycle, fix your fertility.


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