Podcast: Health, Wealth, and Fertility

Podcast: Health, Wealth, and Fertility

Hi friends! It's been a little while since we've chatted — things have been gosh darn busy here at Conceivable! I'll be sending out more about that later, but today I wanted to share with you a great resource from my amazing friend Krisstina Wise.


A few weeks ago, Krisstina asked me to do a podcast for her site Wealthy Wellthy Life. For those of you who are not familiar with Krisstina and her site, I urge you to check her out. After an extremely successful career in real estate, she is transitioning her focus to wealth/health management and education. What is interesting about Krisstina’s perspective is that she advocates that in order to be really wealthy, you have to be healthy first.

Krisstina’s take on wellness totally resonates with me: “Your body is your single most important investment...but so few of us are actually investing in our bodies. The problem is that no matter how much you save, one serious health event can wipe out the largest savings account. I know because it happened to me.”

I love thinking about my body as an investment. It’s a big departure from how we normally view self-care. Too often we feel guilty for spending on ourselves, when, in fact, we are being irresponsible by not doing so.

Listen in as we dive deep and debunk the myths that prevent people from achieving their healthiest, most fertile selves: http://wealthywellthy.life/12

If you like Krisstina’s podcast, and I am guessing you will, be sure to subscribe and get a weekly dose of inspiration and great conversations!

Wishing you all the health and wealth in the world,


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