One Thing To Do Today For A More Fertile New Year

One Thing To Do Today For A More Fertile New Year

One Thing To Do Today For A More Fertile New Year


Welp, the holidays are pretty much over, and it’s now officially resolution season.

I’m lukewarm on resolutions. It’s easy to overdo it, underdo it, and the fact of the matter is that most of them just don’t stick. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard someone say “I’m never drinking again!” on New Year’s Day, well, let’s just say I’d be one rich lady. Or what about “I’m going to gym every single day this year!”, or “No more sugar for me!”, or even “This is definitely the year we’re gonna get healthy and have a baby!”.

Sound familiar? I love the intention behind resolutions, but the reality just hardly ever works out.

If you made a resolution to live healthier this year, I wholeheartedly wish you nothing but success. But that wish is gonna come with a little advice: Take it slow, and take small steps.

Behavioral science has shown us again and again that people that make lifestyle changes by implementing small, simple daily habits are much more successful than those that make big changes all at once. This is the approach we use at Conceivable — we help women find the smallest, simplest changes they can make to improve fertility, and then help build healthy habits to slowly and permanently change their fertility and their lives.

In the title of this post I promised you one thing you could do to set a strong foundation for a healthy, fertile new year, so let’s get down to it. No matter what your resolutions are, start with a dry January.

If you’ve never heard of a dry January, it’s pretty simple: just abstain from drinking alcohol for a month. In a pilot study published by New Scientist, the authors found that giving up alcohol for just a month made a pretty significant impact for study participants.

In just a month, participants lost weight, improved sleep quality, increased concentration, reduced cholesterol, lowered blood glucose levels, and decreased liver fat. All in just one month!

When we read that at Conceivable we were blown away — what a perfect recipe for a fertility friendly foundation for a new year. Improved sleep can decrease stress and normalize reproductive hormone levels. Decreasing liver fat can protect liver function, leading to better hormone metabolization and function and a decrease in stress hormones. Lowering weight and blood glucose can help regulate ovulation, especially for women that struggle with PCOS.

It's all so easy, and all it takes is one month.

Of course giving up drinking for a month isn’t a fertility cure-all, but it is a great way to start out the new year on the right foot. Sign up below for more amazing fertility boosting hints and tips, and, above all, have an fantastic, fertile New Year.

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