BBT Pro-tips

If you have been trying to conceive for a while, by now you have heard about the importance of tracking your basal body temperature (BBT). Charting your BBT is an excellent way to get a look into what's really going on with your cycle, and is a primary tool in the Conceivable program. It is also a great way to time intercourse, to determine whether/when you’re ovulating, and to really understand what is happening in your body.

Since it's such an important tool, it's important to get it right. Here are our top tips for getting an accurate read so you have the best information!

1) Get a digital basal body thermometer; they are different from regular thermometers. They are readily available online and in stores.

2) Keep your thermometer right by your bed, with in arms reach.

3) First thing in the morning, at about the same time everyday, take your temperature. It should be the first thing you do, before you get out of bed or even speak or stretch. It is important to do it at about the same time every morning (within half an hour, if possible) as your core temperature will rise and fall depending on the time of day.

4) You may choose to take your temperature orally or vaginally, just be sure to stick to one method-using the same method every day will help to ensure an accurate reading.

5) It is best to take your temperature after at least five consecutive hours of sleep.

6) Cycle Day 1 is always the first day of your period, and even if it is a light flow you should start a new chart on Cycle Day 1. You may begin charting at anytime, just be sure to start on the appropriate day on the chart.

7) Chart/track your temperature. If you're using the Conceivable program, this is as easy as tapping it into your phone. Most digital BBT thermometers will memorize your most recent reading so that you can look back and fill in your chart at a convenient time of day.


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