A New Tool in Your Toolbox

A New Tool in Your Toolbox

Fertility is a team sport. Men play a major role in a couple’s ability to conceive. Just like women, a man’s fertility can be impacted by his overall health and daily habits. Unlike women, there are very few external symptoms that give men feedback that something might be wrong below the belt.  

I’m really excited about this new tool that gives men feedback about their fertility and practical steps that they can start taking to improve health and potentially boost their sperm count.

Meet Trak.


Trak is a complete system that allows men to measure and improve reproductive health from home.

Trak is a simple, convenient way to take that first step and get some feedback on how his fertility is doing. The companion app is full of great information and personalized guidance that can help him identify factors that could impact his sperm count.

It’s also a great tool to use if you’ve had a semen analysis and found out that it was less than stellar. Semen analysis can be inconvenient, awkward and expensive as a regular form of testing. Trak can provide great supplemental feedback and give you a trend line for how his sperm is doing over time. Conveniently, the app allows you to track Trak results, semen analysis data and other useful health data like hormone levels, blood pressure and fasting glucose levels. Check them out right here.

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