Are you tired before your period?

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Most people think it's normal to get tired before your period.

Reasons why you get tired: 

‣Low serotonin: Can lead to low mood and decreased energy levels.
‣Poor sleep: Caused by other pms symptoms, or elevations in your temperatures which disrupt your sleep.
‣Low iron: Heavy bleeding during a period could lead to iron deficiency anemia.
‣Blood sugar instability:  Eating certain foods can cause a dip if blood glucose level, making you feel tired.

100% natural

Gluten Free/ Vegan

Clinically Tested

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PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support
Blended by master herbalists, our PMS Support formula combines 15 herbs to address the complex web of symptoms created by PMS and PMDD- especially fatigue. 
You can be in control!

 2 pills, 2 times daily during the 14 days before your period. 

Our PMS Formula contains three proprietary blends that work together to improve your hormonal, digestive, and mental health so you feel balanced, grounded, and healthy throughout your cycle. Expect significant improvement in your energy levels in the first few months!
  • One-Month
  • Three-Month

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see results?

Our supplements start working right away and most people will feel a difference starting their very first cycle — that's why we recommend starting before your worst symptoms kick in. If you don't feel a difference right away, that's ok too. It's what's happening on the inside that matters. Most people generally see the full results after taking our products for 3 cycles. 

Are these like multivitamins?

Nope! Our herbal formulas are based on traditional medicines and have been crafted by master herbalists to quickly and effectively address your worst period problems. That means you don't have to remember to take them everyday, just start taking them about a week before your symptoms start. We can even remind you if you need help! Each shipment comes with a handy guide on when to start taking your formula. One bottle will last through one period.  

What if I'm on birth control?

Brazen was designed to not interfere with birth control pills, but if you have any doubts or specific medical concerns, we recommend you consult with your doctor before using our formulas.  

How many servings are there in a bottle?

Each bottle contains 28 servings. At our recommended dosage that will last you for two weeks, the perfect amount of that formula for one period.  

What are your products made out of?

All of our formulas are proudly produced in the USA following current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, but our all-natural formulas are not completely organic. Don't worry, we're always looking for new sources for organic materials and all our herbs are tested for contaminants like pesticides. All of our formulas are suitable for vegetarians and our formulas don't contain wheat or gluten, soy, corn, or dairy. We're healthy like that.

What testing do you do?

Every batch of supplements is tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition. We even have a 3rd party lab test our finished products to make sure that heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants meet our super strict safety standards. We track every batch from production to your doorstep to make sure you're getting exactly what's on the label. Nothing is ever tested on animals.

Real Reviews from Verified Customers

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This stuff works!

I can't say enough good things about this. Each month the results get better and better. It's been about 6 months for me and this has dramatically improved the quality of my life during 'those weeks'.
Page L
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Changed my life

I used to dread my period. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t sleep, and didn’t feel like myself. I called in sick to work when I couldn’t get out of bed with cramps. Brazen has changed all that. Brazen not only changed my period, it changed my quality of life.
Megan N
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This helped me be myself

This has helped me a lot, I suffer especially from PMS and with this product, I'm not tired, I'm not bloated, I'm not cranky, and annoyed at everyone! This has helped me so much. I would recommend this to everyone!