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Contrary to What Everyone's Saying, You Aren't "Fertile" or "Infertile"...

In fact, each womxn or person with a uterus falls within the fertility continuum. Based on nearly 20 years of clinical practice and a continuously growing body of medical research, Brazen's ConceivableĀ® Fertility Program can assess the impact of up to 50 key areas that are scientifically proven to affect one's natural ability to get and stay pregnant- and customize a solution to improve them.


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Conceivable Fertility Report

Interested in learning more about your fertility and what to do (or not do) about it? Meet ConceivableĀ® by Brazen! The first personalized fertility report designed with every fertile factor in mind. Our Fertility Report is one of a kind, providing you with actionable steps & insights on understanding every fertility factor that may be impacting your present and future fertility.

Why Choose Us for Your Fertility Needs

Brazen's ConceivableĀ® Fertility Report was developed to clinically assess and improve your natural fertility, without the expensive testing or invasive procedures that are required by other programs, facilities and clinics.

Once you have taken our in-depth fertility report quiz, we will send you a detailed written and video report within 48 hours. The written report will include findings from the details you provided in your answers, while the video is of Kirsten Karchmer actually explaining everything to you in the document so there is no confusion!

Direct Comparison

Brazen - $99.00
Others - $150+
Clinics - $1,000+


Step 1: Assessment

Take our in-depth quiz and share information about your cycle, symptoms, habits, health, and stress to find out the underlying issues.

Step 2: Results

Receive your results through our patented algorithm that uses your fertility factors and reveals how they are impacting your natural fertility.

Step 3: Next Steps

Knowing your score isn't enough to impact your outcomes. Know what to do and why to improve your score ā€“ and your fertility potential. Naturally.

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