Where are you on
the fertility spectrum?

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Get your Conceivable fertility score, a measure
of your fertility health,

PLUS a personalized plan to  improve your score 20-30% month-over-month.


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We’ve helped over 10,000 women take back control to improve their fertility, and we can help you.

The fact is, over 50 factors contribute to a
woman’s fertility. With Conceivable, we connect the dots between all 50 factors to discover exactly what’s going on with YOUR body.

If even one of them is off, it can hurt your chances of becoming pregnant.
Factors like

Shooting Stars

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology

Short cycles
Insufficient uterine lining
Diminished hormone function
Low progesterone
Stress level
Advanced Maternal Age
Hormone dysregulation
And a whole lot more
These factors have a compounding effect - but the good news is, if you improve just a little bit in a few places, you can majorly impact your fertility

In a study of 105 women struggling to conceive, the average beginning fertility score was 33.

After following their personalized Conceivable recommendations for 4 months, the average
fertility score climbed to 62.

That means these women more than
DOUBLED their natural fertility score
...in just 4 months!

somewhere on
the continuum between
fertile and infertile.
But you're not stuck

Pregnant Users' Average
Scores Over 90 Days with Conceivable

When the women’s scores climbed above 60,
their likelihood of natural conception increased by over 200%

And 23% conceived naturally within
4 months.

Conceivable was created by

Board-certified reproductive acupuncturist, former President of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, and author of the best-selling book, Seeing Red

Kirsten’s clinical practice has helped more than 10,000 infertile women over the last 20 years..

“Kirsten Karchmer is a genius! The Conceivable Program is a highly intelligent process that combines cycle monitoring, Traditional Chinese Medicine, lifestyle and dietary plans, and mindfulness exercises to help women move closer to the most fertile expression they are capable of. I have watched many gimmicks come and go over the years, and this is the first program I feel confident recommending.”

— Randine Lewis,
Author of The Infertility Cure

What real women have to say about the
Conceivable program

“ Pregnant in just 6 months! ”

“ We tried for 2 years. I only had around 4 cycles a year and they were completely irregular. It brought my cycles to about 35 days with much more regularity. After working on my score for six months, I got pregnant. Yay!! Conceivable helped me achieve the one thing in life I wanted more than anything else; to become a mother. I can’t thank them enough ”


“ Stress/anxiety level greatly reduced! ”

“ I am currently at the end of my first trimester and my stress/anxiety level has been greatly reduced. Conceivable is an investment in your fertility/pregnancy health where the returns are exponential. ”


“ Should have done this sooner! ”

“ We had been trying to conceive for more than 6 years. We found the Conceivable team and started the program, and within 6 months of this approach, we were pregnant! I had a wonderful pregnancy with very few symptoms all thanks to their focused care. We are now the parents of a healthy baby boy! Should have done this sooner and saved so much heartache and stress. ”


Pregnant one month after starting!

We had tried to conceive for 6 months and began working with a fertility doctor to take some diagnostic tests. I was pregnant one month after starting treatment [with Conceivable]. I had been ready to try fertility treatments but ended up with a positive pregnancy test before beginning.


So why hasn’t your doctor been able to help
YOU get and stay pregnant?

Don’t get me wrong, doctors are important. But they are trained to focus on disease, so they look at one problem and one solution. But this isn’t how our bodies work. Each of our systems are affected by every other system.
This is why the Conceivable program has worked so well for so many women. At Conceivable, we look at all your different systems, connect the dots, and develop a plan specifically for you.
How does Conceivable work?
Step 1
Take the quiz - Share information about your cycle, symptoms, habits, diet, exercise, and stress.
We calculate your score and create an easy-to-follow plan just for you that’s designed to bring you results quickly
Step 3
You implement your plan and see your symptoms decrease. Most women see their fertility score increase by 20-30% each month!

Conceivable Helps Women Understand
Their Natural Fertility

What does my score tell me?

Many factors contribute to a woman’s fertility level.
We analyze all these factors to help you understand
how close you are to your optimal fertile self.

What does the Conceivable fertility
plan give me?

You’ll learn the way that each factor
contributes to your score.

What do I get from the plan?

When you implement your individual plan, you’ll see
symptoms diminish, you’ll feel healthier, and you’ll move
yourself toward optimal fertility.

We create a plan just for your specific issues
that are impacting your score:

  • Nutrition recommendations

    The same way you apply sunscreen before laying out in the sun or as the final step in your skin-care routine, it’s important to spread some SPF on your hands, too.
  • Chinese herbal medicine

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  • Meditation and mindfulness strategies

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  • Exercise recommendations

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The Conceivable personalized program combines diet, lifestyle, Chinese medicine, and more to improve natural fertility 20-30% month-over-month

While we cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant, if you follow your personalized plan for 120 days, we can guarantee you will be in the best fertile health possible. Feel free to contact us anytime at contact@foreverbrazen.com