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You're somewhere on the continuum between
fertile and infertile. But you're not stuck there.

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Are You Struggling to Get Pregnant?

You might be worried about complicated problems or expensive procedures. We address over 50 key factors that could affect fertility. More importantly, we focus on YOUR unique factors that are preventing you from getting pregnant.

The Conceivable Fertility Score Quiz
Aims to Address Key Issues

In Your Lifestyle & Daily Habits

Our method is simple: Take the quiz and learn a lot all for free. For our more personalized approach – your score and custom recommendations, just pay $39.00.

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We’ve helped over 10,000 women take back control to improve their fertility, and we can help you.

If even one of them is off, it can hurt your chances of becoming pregnant.

Factors like...

Shooting Stars

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology

Short cycles
Insufficient uterine lining
Diminished hormone function
Low progesterone
Stress level
Advanced Maternal Age
Hormone dysregulation
And a whole lot more
These factors have a compounding effect - but the good news is, if you improve just a little bit in a few places, you can majorly impact your fertility

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

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What you'll will get with Conceivable

Fertility Report, Simplified

We believe in transparency, which is why we give you all your results in an easy-to-follow report PDF that talks about everything you answered within the quiz. Along with the report, Kirsten will also send you a personalized video with her recommendations.

Your Biggest Questions, Answered

While other reports and programs don’t give you all the pieces to the fertility puzzle, we give you everything you need to change your fertility results for the better. While we cannot guarantee conception, we will give you everything you need in understanding your body.

We’re Here, Always

After you’ve received your personalized report and video from Kirsten, we will give you next steps to follow to assess your progress and improvements. We are always here to help, if you ever have any questions, we are just an email away.

Personalized Video Reports, too!

We want to make sure that Conceivable is different than any other fertility report on the market today. That's why we developed a personalized PDF report, but we also provide you with a report walkthrough with Kirsten! Fertility shouldn't be confusing – let's change that together.

Pregnant Users' Average
Scores Over 90 Days with Conceivable

In a study of 105 women struggling to conceive,
the average beginning fertility score was 33 (low fertility).

After following their personalized Conceivable recommendations for 4 months,
the average fertility score climbed to 62 (more fertile).

That means these women more than DOUBLED their natural fertility score in just 4 months!

Conceivable Fertility Score

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Within 48 hours of taking the quiz, you'll receive your personalized Conceivable Score, a personalized review of your assessment, and a detailed video on how to improve your fertility!

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I want to help you reach your best fertile health possible.

Hi, I am Kirsten Karchmer. CEO and Board-Certified reproductive acupuncturist. I created Conceivable because I have had so many clients come to me with the same problem – they aren't pregnant.

Well, I am here to change that. My goal is to support all women through their fertility journey.

Our Promise
While we cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant, if you follow your personalized plan for 120 days, we can guarantee you will be in the best fertile health possible.
If not, we will issue a refund.