Good-bye hormonal acne!

Brazen has helped thousands of womxn to regulate their hormones from 
THE INSIDE OUT for clearer skin!

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PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support - Brazen
PMS Support
Blended by master herbalists, our PMS Support formula combines 15 herbs to address the complex web of symptoms created by PMS and PMDD. You can be in control!

 2 pills, 2 times daily during the 14 days before your period. 

Our PMS Formula contains three proprietary blends that work together to improve your hormonal, digestive, and mental health so you feel balanced, grounded, and healthy throughout your cycle. Expect clearer looking skin in 3 months!
  • One-Month
  • Three-Month

85% of women get hormonal acne. Brutal.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. Topical products don’t make much impact because they fail to address the underlying causes which are: hormones, inflammation and oil.  Brazen is for you if you have:

‣ Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head)
‣ Deep under-the-skin, painful acne-Cystic
‣ Acne resulting from coming off the pill Hormonal acne
‣ Adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples
‣ Stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments
‣ Body acne (chest, back, shoulders, buttocks)

100% natural

Gluten Free/ Vegan

Clinically Tested

Money back gurantee!

Meet, Clara who had consistent acne throughout her teens and into her adulthood. She has tried EVERYTHING and decided to solve things from the inside out.

Here are what her first 3 months looked like.

1st month: Reduce redness

I have spent so much money on fancy topical solutions for my acne, but I liked the idea of trying to address the problem from the inside out. The first month, I saw less zits overall, but what was most remarkable was how much less red my face was.

2nd month: No more whiteheads!

I kinda love how Im taking something for my acne, but my moodiness (my boyfriend thanks you), and tender boobs are also getting a lot better. The painful,cystic acne is getting smaller and went away faster too. Yay!

3rd month: My skin is clear!

 This is amazing, my skin is more clear than I have ever seen it before. I feel like my skin where my acne was is actually kind of starting to heal a bit too. (oh and pretty much no PMS last month) God I love this product!

How Brazen works to give you clear skin

2 pills twice a day for 14 days before your period. Use for 3 months to see the best results!

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation disrupts the internal hormonal balance that causes swelling, redness, itching, and acne.

Improve Liver Function to Support Hormone Metabolism 

Addressing inefficient liver metabolism helps bring your hormones into balance and address the root cause of your hormonal acne

Promotes Healing for Damaged Skin

Our proprietary formula helps damaged and inflamed tissue repair and heal once and for all.


Helps Reduce Androgens like testosterone 

Studies show that herbs like Mint, Peony, Vitex, and Licorice significantly impact androgen metabolism. 

Increases Blood Circulation

Impaired circulation can cause tissue to become blocked, stagnant and swollen which can cause deeper, cystic acne.

Supports Digestion/Blood Sugar Regulation-

Blood sugar instability has been linked to increased insulin production and can cause your oil glands to produce more oil, increasing your risks of acne.


"A welcome effective relief both by mitigating PMS symptoms and the pain when it starts creeping in"


"Our favorite products discovered during quarantine!" 


"Karchmer offers a game plan for biohacking your period. Her whol strategy is natural!" 

Real Reviews from Verified Customers

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A happy week of PMS

After removing my IUD I was experiencing severe PMS symptoms of mood swings, irritability, bloating, and hormonal acne. In one month I have had immense change in symptoms the week before my period. I thought it would take MONTHS to see change, but it was pretty immediate. Thank you for this product. It is seriously LIFE changing.
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Thank you! My cycle was awful before. Crippling PMS (low energy, brain fog, stomach upset, sore breasts, acne, severe mood swings/depression that were making it difficult to maintain my relationships). This month with Brazen, I've had no brain fog, no body aches, practically zero cramping and my mood has been significantly more manageable. I only had one mild freak out day as opposed to my usual 2 week episode haha so far this is stellar.
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Thank you so so much

I purchased this product at the recommendation of a friend. I have adenmyosis and have had issues for months being in pain or extreme bloating and so on. I've only been taking this for a few weeks and have already noticed a difference in how I feel. It has helped my pain, the bloat, the moods, and so much more! Thank you!
Krystine R

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see results?

Our supplements start working right away and most people will feel a difference starting their very first cycle — that's why we recommend starting before your worst symptoms kick in. If you don't feel a difference right away, that's ok too. It's what's happening on the inside that matters. Most people generally see the full results after taking our products for 3 cycles. 

Are these like multivitamins?

Nope! Our herbal formulas are based on traditional medicines and have been crafted by master herbalists to quickly and effectively address your worst period problems. That means you don't have to remember to take them everyday, just start taking them about a week before your symptoms start. We can even remind you if you need help! Each shipment comes with a handy guide on when to start taking your formula. One bottle will last through one period.  

What if I'm on birth control?

Brazen was designed to not interfere with birth control pills, but if you have any doubts or specific medical concerns, we recommend you consult with your doctor before using our formulas.  

How many servings are there in a bottle?

Each bottle contains 28 servings. At our recommended dosage that will last you for two weeks, the perfect amount of that formula for one period.  

What are your products made out of?

All of our formulas are proudly produced in the USA following current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, but our all-natural formulas are not completely organic. Don't worry, we're always looking for new sources for organic materials and all our herbs are tested for contaminants like pesticides. All of our formulas are suitable for vegetarians and our formulas don't contain wheat or gluten, soy, corn, or dairy. We're healthy like that.

What testing do you do?

Every batch of supplements is tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition. We even have a 3rd party lab test our finished products to make sure that heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants meet our super strict safety standards. We track every batch from production to your doorstep to make sure you're getting exactly what's on the label. Nothing is ever tested on animals.