Cramp + PMS Support Bundle - Brazen
Cramp + PMS Support Bundle - Brazen
Cramp + PMS Support Bundle - Brazen
Cramp + PMS Support Bundle - Brazen

Cramp + PMS Support Bundle

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A cycle without PMS symptoms, cramps, or period pain? Sounds perfect – and not too good to be true. Our PMS Support and Cramp Support formulas have helped over ten thousand women have better cycles, and we’re betting they will help you too. Blended by master herbalists, our PMS Support formula addresses the complex web of over 20 mental and physical symptoms caused by PMS, while our Cramp Support formula stops period pain, end spasms, and eases your flow.

Ready for a perfect cycle, from start to finish? Try our formulas risk-free – if you don’t find relief, we’ll give you a full refund.


1. Take the PMS Support formula two weeks before your period begins.

2. Take the Cramp Support formula one week before your period and the week of bleeding.

3. Take both formulas twice a day am and pm with food.


Our PMS Support formula targets anxiety, depression, bloating, fatigue, cravings, breast tenderness, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion, irritability, moodiness, sleep disturbances, poor concentration, stress, tension, headaches, backaches, muscle aches, & hormone-related acne.

Our Cramps Support formula targets cramps, menstrual pain, spasms, clotting, irregular bleeding, inflammation, headaches, backaches, stress, tension, and irritability.

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Karie S.
United States United States

This was my first month using Cramp Support and since I’ve tried a lot of things I didn’t have very high hopes. But there was a huge improvement! My period was two full days shorter (7 days instead of the normal 9-10) and waaaaay less painful. After one month! Amazing!

Marita B.
United States United States
Really works

I used them for only 4 days prior to my period (that's when they arrived) and had such a significant difference with my period, I was floored! Less/almost no cramps, less bleeding, and instead of an insanely heavy day, the bleeding was spread out better. I also noticed improved digestion and less low back pain. For my second cycle, I used them for about 5 days before my period (it came early) and again had all of the improvements listed above. I hesitated buying this product for years actually and am upset that I did. BUT, I will continue to purchase and am excited to see if my period continues to improve.

Denise O.
United States United States
Game changer

This product has helped with cramps , headache and bloating . It’s given me a decreased flow . Thank you !

Denise O.
United States United States
Game changer

This product has helped with me cramps by reducing it by 50 percent and I’m only on the first month . I can’t wait to continue . It has also helped my bloated symptoms as well as headaches .

Brazen Health Cramp Support Review
A Brazen Health Customer

I'd been taking the Brazen supplements for about a year with immense improvement in PMS, skin issues, bloating, anxiety, depression etc., and as an experiment, I decided to try out the FLO gummies for 3 months. Unfortunately, I just wrapped up the last, worst months I've had in a long time. Constant crying, major anxiety, and depression... total nightmare. Wasn't Flo's fault exactly, but Brazen actually helped my issues. Without them, the overwhelming fog around my cycle came back - I was not me and I could feel it. I took Brazen again today and I cannot wait for it to kick in again. It worked waaay better.

Brazen Health

We are so so so happy you have found something that actually makes a difference in your symptoms. We love having you part of the Brazen family!

Daliene H.
United States United States
Finally a Product I Trust to Help

I am really interested in the specificity of the Brazen plan. I like that it is really helping me to better understand my cycle and how I need different supplements based on this. I am so relieved to find a product that is addressing my health needs as a woman.

Brazen Health

Hey Daliene, we think specificity is important too. Just wait until the app is out and we can customize your formulas!!!! Thanks for the great review!

Lisa W.
United States United States
PMS Support

/Users/WillisComputer/Desktop/IMG_7612.HEIC I just finished my first cycle on Brazen PMS Support. A fellow colleague recommended it after saying how much it helped her with her symptoms. I feel that this helped some with my symptoms, but I'd like to take this supplement for at least a couple more months to see if my PMS symptoms improve more.

A Brazen Health Customer
Elizabeth M.
United States United States
It works!

Smells like cinnamon, these supplements are easy to take and they work! I did not need to take ibuprofen for cramping this month for the first time ever. I am so glad I tried this product!

Brazen Health

Elizabeth- they smell yummy right? Actually cinnamon is there for more than a great experience. High-quality medicinal grade cinnamon has been shown to significantly improve menstrual pain! Thanks for the great review and if there is anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. Kirsten is happy to jump on a call to help personalize the experience until the app is ready!

Danielle J.
United States United States
Thank you!

Wow what a difference! I am telling all of my friends about your products. It really works! It has almost completely eliminated ALL of my monthly symptoms. Thank you Brazen!

Pei L.
United States United States

I’ve tried everything but this PMS formula is the only thing that helped me.

Brazen Health Cramp Support Review
Brazen Health

Pei, this makes me so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Please reach out if you need some personal attention to get to you best period ever! Kirsten

Why Brazen?

We're All Natural

Science-backed, plant-powered, triple-tested, and over 10 times more potent than your average period product. We get it done. Bigtime.

For Womxn, By Womxn

Nearly every person with a period I have talked to tells me that suffering with your period is normal. That's not okay. At Brazen, we are changing that narrative for good. In fact, thousands of womxn have trusted us to help change their experiences with their period for good.

ceo and founder
Kirsten Karchmer

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