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Get Your Conceivable Score - Brazen

Get Your Conceivable Score

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You aren't fertile or infertile. You are somewhere in between and that is good news. Knowing where you are on the fertility spectrum can give you knowledge and power about your current and future fertility. 

Your Conceivable Score can also be a powerful tool to measure if what you are doing is actually making you more or less fertile.

Measure it regularly to ensure your score is going up instead of down.

The Conceivable Score is a patented tool that allows us to score every aspect of your cycle, temperatures, symptoms, habits, and even mindset as it impacts your fertility.  In our study of 105 infertile women, we found that the starting score was 33, but when we were able to get their scores above 60 they increased their chances of natural conception by over 200%.

Here is how to get your score:

1. Order your score online.

2. We will send you an online assessment via email. (make sure to check for spam)

3. Once you complete the assessment, you can get your score within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these like vitamins that I have to take everyday?

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